2016: A Look Back At A Wonderful Year


Hi there! It’s already 2017, and we are all starting a new trip around the Sun in this wonderful pale blue ship that we call Earth. We are absolutely grateful of having you onboard with us for the past year, so we felt like sharing with you what happened with the PortaText team and company throughout 2016; the good things, the bad things, and of course our goals for this new year.

This is actually the content of our internal talk “The State Of PortaText: 2016“, please feel free to see the slides¬†to know more. We hope you enjoy this post, as you are an important part of it.

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SPAM is NOT Marketing: Using SMS in the right way, Part II


Hello there! ūüôā In the previous part of this series¬†we saw what is SPAM and why it’s not an ethic, legal, or cost effective way of conducting mobile marketing. Today, we are going to see some rules and best practices that will put you on the right track to have a great mobile marketing experience.

This is in line with our previous post “Doing SMS Marketing with Good Karma“, which is also a good introduction to¬†the subject. This post goes a bit deeper trying to elaborate more on the different requirements of a successful SMS marketing campaign.

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SPAM is NOT Marketing: Using SMS in the right way, Part I


Are you spending your money on mobile marketing or investing it? Are you sending thousands of unsolicited SMS’¬†and then wondering why you don’t get a decent ROI? Perhaps you are thinking that SMS marketing sucks and that is not the way to go? Here’s a wake up call: SPAM is not mobile marketing.

In this post we are going to see why SPAM won’t get you the results you expect, and why investing your time in planning, designing, and working on your marketing campaigns will really pay off in the long run. In the second part¬†of this post we dive directly into the best practices needed to be successful when running your SMS marketing campaigns.

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NASANEWS: Serverless SMS Service with a Short Code in the cloud


As we’ve seen in previous posts like “2-Hour Hackathon and now you can send SMS from Hubot“, hackathons are always a great way to get together with your team and play around with your favorite toys. But also,¬†they free¬†your mind to¬†create wonderful things. In this post we’re going to see an example of such a thing.

Meet NASANEWS, an SMS service accessible via a short code and that lives completely in the cloud, combining the power of our HTTP API with¬†Amazon Web Services. That’s right, no servers needed at all to handle your subscriptions and messages, and the operational cost for this is less than $0.60/month. Neat, uh? ūüôā

If you are in the US, you can subscribe right now to it by sending NASANEWS to the number 32458. And of course, the terms and conditions can be found here https://goo.gl/HiH5DC.

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Latin America WholeSale Congress 2016


During November 16th and 17th, we attended the Latin America WholeSale Congress. This time it was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Hotel Emperador, a beautiful hotel in an extremely beautiful location of a great city.

It’s organized by¬†ASIET (Asociaci√≥n Interamericana de Empresas de Telecomunicaciones)¬†and¬†@Telecombgroup¬†and this year it included an¬†SMS Corner¬†for the very first time, so of course we¬†had to be there ūüôā

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