5 Reasons Why 2-Way SMS Improves Your Customer Relations

Our current customers have been enjoying the benefits of 2-way SMS for quite some time now, but we find that new customers are more used to 1way promotional (and/or transactional) services, where they just “fire and forget” thousands of messages, perhaps missing a key opportunity to improve their relations with their customers and extend their business with 2way SMS.

In this post we are going to explore what exactly is 2-way SMS, what it offers, and describe the top 5 main reasons to implement it in your company.

What is 2-way SMS

Simply put, 2-way SMS means that your clients or users can reply you back. You can send them messages, but they can also send messages to you. As you may already see, there is great potential in being able to hear (or read) what your customers are saying.

How many business opportunities your company may be losing by ignoring the SMS messages sent by your clients? Let us count the ways!

Clients Can Initiate Transactions And Chats

In these days it is very common that a client will try to contact your company through SMS instead of a phone call or an email. A classic example can be a Call-To-Action that says “Call or Text this number”, or a message sent via an ad on a website.

SMS adds a new communication channel that your clients can use to interact with you right from their bed in the middle of the night, or in their way to work, without the need of being at the phone all the time waiting for someone to answer them.

Your Number, Your Brand, Your Identity

Your current telephone number is an important part of your company identity. It may already be published in different ads in radio, tv, or the web. It’s also very probable that your clients already have you in their contact list in their phones.

Adding SMS capabilities to your current company number will allow you to read any SMS that your clients might be already sending you, but also extend your services in that very same number without buying and advertising new dedicated numbers.

Self Service with Bots, Live Chats with Human Operators

In earlier posts like “SMS Chatbots: A New Era for the Call Center and CRMs” and “How To Create An Amazing Customer Service With SMS” we explored the benefits of using SMS for customer service and support.

By letting your clients send messages to your company, you allow self service and may be able to respond to most inquiries without any extra costs (or maybe even with less costs). Also, your clients may be able to chat with a human operator when a bot is not enough for them.

Avoid Fraud or Impersonations from Rogue Competitors

When you use 2-way SMS you own a dedicated number (that can also be your current telephone number that may be well known to your customers). This adds a security factor to all your communications: your clients will always send messages to the same number, and they will always receive the responses from this number as well.

Usually, 1-way SMS services will use a pool of different telephone numbers and this means that your clients will receive your messages from different numbers, allowing third parties to impersonate your company and steal information or business from you.

One Chat History to Rule Them All

A great feature for 2-way SMS and dedicated numbers is that customers can keep their chat history in the same place. This is quite an important value addition to your business when you use SMS to send tracking numbers, payment information, and other kind of communications that need to be remembered or saved somewhere.

You clients can be sure that they will always be able to recover any kind of information you sent them to their phones by just looking at the chat history with you!

As you can see, being able to send but also receive messages can be a key feature for your business. It allows you to listen to your customers and create stronger bonds with them, by being there 24/7 for them right in their phone. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you get aboard the 2-way SMS ship!

— The PortaText Team.