SMS Chatbots: A New Era for the Call Center and CRMs

Nowadays it’s very common to find chatbots everywhere to help with customer service and handle regular questions. The call center industry is rapidly changing to include bots and multichannel support, and it seems that those who can’t adapt to this new reality will surely have their company future compromised by better cost-effective competitors. In this post we are going to explore why using bots in your business makes absolute sense.

Millennials Text, don’t call

You’ve probably heard about these guys, the “Millennials”. They are young, accustomed to technology, and mostly prefer to text instead of call.

They probably don’t even like to talk or text to a human if they can first solve their questions on their own. A bot makes an excellent use case for this public. Most of the time it will be able to serve the right answers without any human intervention at all.

Multichannel customer support

One big advantage of using bots for your CRM and call center, is that you can use the same bot to handle multiple channels at the same time.

This means that if a user starts a “customer support session” via SMS, they might be able to continue that over Twitter or Facebook.

A bot can keep the session open across different channels so your users can choose the channel they like the most to connect to your company.

REALLY Lower your call center costs

A bot can answer in an effective manner the vast majority of the questions that your call center staff is now handling. This means that you can have less personnel handling phone calls during nights or holidays, but also free them from answering the same questions over and over. Do more with the same personnel or less!

Improve customer experience

Bots will not keep a customer waiting for an answer, they will always reply with kindness, and will also give all the information available for a given question. Even more important: they will automatically know who your customer is, what they asked in the past, what are their interests, etc.

Bots don’t sleep: serve your customers 24/7/365

Bots can serve thousands of customers at the same time, and they don’t need to rest or do shifts. They are there all the time to serve your customers.

A bot can keep a record of every interaction with every customer, so they don’t need to explain everything over and over when contacting your company.

Effectively route customer inquiries

A bot is perfect as a first checkpoint to receive your customers inquiries.

Upon a new request, the bot can try to answer it or route it to the right department or agent, giving the user a better experience when contacting your company.

No need to have someone handling 1 call at a time just to transfer the communication to another person.

A bot can learn… fast!

Improvements in machine learning and AI in general can make your bot learn new things really fast, crunch numbers and information, and give answers to questions that were never thought about in the first place, adding even more value for your clients.

Extend your CRM

Perhaps this might the most fun excuse to include a bot in your CRM. You can extend a bot with new features that your CRM can serve, and keep adding value for your clients by letting them execute new actions or queries, or create/cancel appointments, place orders, make payments, request to be contacted, report issues, etc.

Your imagination is the limit! 🙂

— The PortaText Team.