Latin America WholeSale Congress 2016


During November 16th and 17th, we attended the Latin America WholeSale Congress. This time it was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Hotel Emperador, a beautiful hotel in an extremely beautiful location of a great city.

It’s organized by ASIET (Asociación Interamericana de Empresas de Telecomunicaciones) and @Telecombgroup and this year it included an SMS Corner for the very first time, so of course we had to be there 🙂

Our exclusive table was the #3. The giant room was full of people (both visitors and representatives) vividly exchanging contacts, information, business tips and tricks, and of course sharing a big deal of camaraderie between all.

One could breath and almost touch the dynamic and exciting atmosphere around. Everyone was looking to resolve current and future challenges, and embrace new business opportunities around the globe.

Right from the start of our first day we met with a lot of interesting people coming from a lot of pushing companies (and also from well established ones already), like

Jorge Lastra and Perla Cantu (Latino Communications), Tanja Fitzel (VodaCode), Larissa Youmanova (Intis Telecom), Gabriel Paiewonsky (CSG International), Hugo Sanchez (OrcaWave), Sandra Zabludovich and Alexis Laura Cucci (LatinaTel), Jorge Suarez (IDT Telecom), Luis Fernando Mejía and Lina María Correa (Ariatel), Rafael Yguey (Syncro Telecom), and of course last but not least our great friend Jose Sylvestre (CLX).

On our second day our meeting agenda was composed by Diego Dimentstein (Nexmo), Franco Camusso (R&R), Ivan Kowalczuk, Julian Esteban Ercolessi, and Mariano Clarat (Iplan), Steve Sherman and Miguel Cabañas Becerril (Horisen), María Jaramillo and Luisa Sánchez (Identidad Telecom), Adrian Chavez Batta (Hook Mobile), and Elizabeth Nunes (TATA Communications).

We had some very exciting and enriching conversations with each one of them, and would like to thank them of course for visiting our table (and/or welcomed us in theirs). Looking forward to work with all of you guys!

There was also plenty of room to share some very good moments and enjoy the company of old and new friends alike during lunch and cocktails. Also, we shared an awesome asado at Parrilla Don Julio with our fellow colleagues Jose, Elizabeth, Diego, Hugo, and Adrian to whom we send a very big and special “abrazo” (hug!).

We have shared all our photos of the event in our Google Photo Album, but also in our FaceBook Photo Album, and of course there are a lot of more tweets from us and other friends if you search by the Twitter HashTag #LAWC2016. Here are some of those photos as a sneak preview.

— The PortaText Team.