New system notifications available for your application


Hello dear users!

Today we are announcing an extension to our notification system: from now on, you will be able to receive new notifications when something interesting happens in your account, besides delivery status and inbound messages notifications.

These new notifications have to do with charges done (or credits applied) to your account, but also with alerts, and some other interesting topics.

Keep your system updated and in sync with us

If you take a look at our Notifications wiki page you will notice that we have added a bunch of new ones for your delight:

  • Recharge (Your account has been recharged and you have been billed for them)
  • Bonus (Your account got a bonus in credits applied by us)
  • DID MRC Charged (We charged the MRC for a DID in your account)
  • DID Assigned (A new DID has been added to your account)
  • DID Unassigned (A DID was removed from your account)
  • Alerts (1 per day only)
    • DID MRC Charge Failed
    • Low Credit
    • Monthly Fee Charge Failed
    • AutoRecharge Failed
    • Out of Credit

All of these new notifications will allow you to keep your systems in sync with ours, for example when adding or removing DIDs from your inventory, or perhaps dispatching your own alerts and notifications in turn when you receive them. And even though you will receive an email for every one of them, you can also receive HTTP notifications and also get notified through an Amazon SNS Topic. How cool is that, uh?

We hope you enjoy these new additions, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we’ll be glad to help!

All the best, we’re going back to the lab now 🙂

— The PortaText Team.