Complete list of Mobile Network Operators with their MCC and MNC


We are making publicly available a new feature for our API and panel, in this case it’s about being able to fetch the complete list of all worldwide available Mobile Network Operators in the world, including their network code, composed by their Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC). The list can be browsed by pages or exported to CSV, and it complements our Number Inspect feature.

If you are not familiar with all these concepts (MNO, MCC, MNC, etc) take a look at our “Telephone, Mobile, and SMS Abridged Glossary“.

Access the full list in your panel

Your panel has now this feature available in the “Tools” section, where you will be able to sort the Mobile Network Operators either by Country or Mobile Network Code (MCC), but also export it fully to a file in CSV format for your own purposes.

Use our API and SDKs

You can also access the complete MNO list through our Operators API endpoint and also by using one of our Available SDKs. In both cases you will be able to browse through the list by pages, sort by Country or MCC, and also export the full list to CSV.

An Open Source Tool to get all the MCC and MNC network codes by country

We have also made available an open source tool written in Ruby, and it’s called “wiki-mcc-mnc-scrapper” and it’s available at our GitHub account. The content in this case is actually taken from the Wiki entry for “Mobile Country Code”.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or just want to say hi, and let us know how you used this feature! We would love to hear your feedback 🙂

— The PortaText Team.