Landline or Mobile? Lower your SMS costs and avoid fraud


Is a given phone number a mobile or landline device? What country is it from? What mobile operator? There will be many times when you will want to start an SMS campaign or send a bunch of SMS notifications in your A2P application by exporting the leads in your CRM, and that’s actually the way to go, except for a small problem: you will usually have a mixed set of landline and mobile telephone numbers in your list, that will unnecessary increase your costs and lower the proficiency of your campaigns.

That’s why we are now thrilled and happy to be introducing a new feature in our product for your delight, named “Number Inspect” that will surely help you with this matter. So if you want to increase the cost-effectiveness of your SMS messages, read on!

What is Number Inspect and how it can help you to lower your SMS costs

This is a new feature that we are now making publicly available that can return some extra and useful information about a phone number:

  • Type (mobile or landline).
  • Country name and 2-letter ISO code.
  • Network ID (MCC and MNC). See our post “Telephone, Mobile, and SMS Abridged Glossary” to know more about these terms.
  • Mobile Network Brand and Operator name.

By using this feature you will be able to tell aparte mobile from landline phone numbers, and dramatically decrease your SMS costs and avoid trying to send SMS to numbers that don’t support it.

As a side effect, you will also increase your leads quality, by adding the type, country, and MNO information to each one of them.

Improve your leads quality by querying the CNAM database

So with Number Inspect you can know the country, phone type, and network operator details of a given mobile phone number, this is a very valuable information for a lead that can be complemented with knowing the name under which the given telephone number is registered, this is where querying the CNAM database is helpful.

In the end your leads will increase their value by adding all of this information together (See “Improving Leads Quality with Caller ID Information“).

Avoid fraud by using Number Verification

Number Inspect is a great companion to our Number Verification feature (See “5 Reasons Why You Need To Do Number Verification“). You will be able to not only know for sure if a given number is a mobile phone number, but also you can send a code to verify that the owner is actually the one you expect.

How to do Number Inspection

You can access the Number Inspection feature from your PortaText user panel, and also through your programming language of choice by using one of our Available SDKs.

The full documentation for this new feature is available in the REST API documentation and of course we’ve also written some entries in our FAQ for it.

There’s also a bonus: You can run queries one by one with any of the above methods, but you can also upload a CSV file to check a bunch of numbers at once. The result will be a ZIP file where you will find several files:

  • report.csv: Will contain the details of all the queries for all the numbers you sent in your CSV file.
  • landline.csv: All the landline telephone numbers in your CSV file will show up here.
  • mobile.csv: All the mobile telephone numbers in your CSV file will show up here.
  • error.csv: If any requests ended up in an error when querying the database. Please do notify us by if you see a lot of numbers here.
  • invalid.csv: Any invalid numbers will show up here. These ones were not candidates for processing.
  • skipped.csv: Any empty lines will show up here, but also all the numbers that could not be processed (for example if your account didn’t have enough credits).


Number Inspect is an awesome tool that will help you out in determining if a given client or lead should be contacted by sending an SMS or a plain telephone call. This will absolutely make your business communication more efficient and more cost effective by choosing the right method to send information to your clients.

Not only that, but you will also be able to find out more information about the number, like the country and telephone company for that telephone number, and this could lead to new business ideas in no time.

Also, in combination with our Number Verification feature and the queries to the CNAM database you will be able to avoid fraud and improve the quality of your leads. That’s pretty neat!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to know more about your business needs and learn together how these tools can help you out in your venture!

— The PortaText Team.