6 Great Uses For SMS Notifications In Your Business


SMS notifications can greatly improve your customer satisfaction, but they can also be useful to reduce the workload on your sales staff, by automatically reaching out to your customers when needed, in a very cost effective way.

By sending automated text messages from your systems on specific events or triggered by different customer actions (from a CRM, a web page, or any other piece of software in touch with the Business Intelligence and customer data), you will be able to enhance ROI and overall customer experience.

In this post we are presenting a few use cases where taking advantage of the SMS technology makes sense, and will definitely make a difference for your business. Once you have integrated text messages into your customers journey, and adapted your business to support omnichannel communication you will be entering the A2P (Application To Person) messages world, where the sky is the only limit, and best of all with a very low cost.

Out Of Stock Items Become Available

Customers can subscribe to this kind of alert when they want to buy a product that is not available at the moment, perhaps because it is out of stock or it’s just isn’t ready yet for shipping.

This is also useful when you know that certain customers shown interest in a product and you get similar new items on your stock. The SMS can include a link to a webpage so customers can place an online order right away.

This is a great way to improve your sales without even get an agent on the phone.

Orders Have Been Confirmed, Shipped, Or Delivered

As soon as an order is placed, shipped, or delivered, you can let your clients know by sending them an automated text message right away.

People will really appreciate that you keep them updated about the status of their order with a simple text message, so they don’t have to send an email or call to know if the order is being delayed for some reason or when they should be around to receive it.

Don’t forget to include the package tracking number or any other useful information that they can refer to if they have any questions!

Due Date Reminders

When your customers have a pending payment and the due date is close enough, you can send an SMS as a friendly payment reminder so they don’t forget to pay, avoiding the need of a phone call or the use of a contact center for debt collection.

Most of the time people will just forget about the due date and will appreciate that you send them a quick text message so they can avoid further actions.

Payment Confirmations

Once a client has sent you a check or made a payment online with its credit card, sending a payment confirmation is a great way to let them know that everything is fine and that you have received the payment.

Including a transaction id is also useful when they have any questions or need to refer to this specific transaction if the need arises.

Account Status Or Information Changed

When a client changes his email, address, phone number or any other kind of important information, sending an SMS to let him know that the information was updated, is useful as a way to confirm the operation, but also as a security measure in case they didn’t trigger the operation.

SMS are also useful to confirm mobile phone numbers, so you can be sure that you can reach out to your customer in the phone number they setup in the account.

Mobile Coupons, Exclusive Offers

When you are able to segment your customer base effectively, you will be able to send targeted mobile coupons with offers and discounts in an automated way, being useful to your customers while at the same time increasing your sales without needing to have your staff at the phone calling every potential interested customer.

— The PortaText Team.