Top 5 SMS use cases NOT related to Business, Part 6


It’s amazing how much information and how many use cases we find to continue this series. The more we look for, the more we find. The SMS technology can be used to provide a lot of different services and solve a lot of different needs besides marketing and notifications, and we want you to hear about them, so hear they are! If you didn’t read the Part 5 of this series, don’t miss it. Have a great Friday!


The NEXit motivational text messaging program has proven amongst university students that motivational SMS messages and reminders can really improve the health care and help to quit smoking. The groups that received the messages, composed of students that smoked cigarettes regularly, had a higher self reported abstinence.


The Ministry of Tourism will provide useful safety tips via SMS for Chinese tourists that visit Malaysia. For example, some tourists come from places where there is no ocean and they seem to underestimate the risks of taking a swim into such deep waters. There is also a risk when crossing a street: people coming from China will usually check for traffic from left to right while in Malaysia it is the other way around.


The construction of the GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam) is being funded by an SMS driven lottery. The lottery is being designed so anyone can contribute with funds, even people with a low income. Prizes range from motorbikes to refrigerators, cars, tractors, and water purifying machines.


Crisis TextLine is a 24-7 mental health texting hotline for teenagers and will open its database to researchers that want to analyze it. This is a free service available for young people across the whole country that need a specialist to talk to about emotional problems or any other kind of psychological and is accessible with a simple SMS.


The Salem Railway Division has installed BMI (Body Mass Index) kiosks in several railway stations. These are able to measure weight and height, completely free to bystanders. People will be able to subscribe to this service to receive SMS with each measurement showing statistical information and comparative figures for his own numbers.


— The PortaText Team.