Why Local Businesses Can Also Benefit From Text Messages


SMS are not only good for a global audience. Your local business can greatly benefit from them too, no matter the size. In the end, it’s all about building a community for your customers, and it doesn’t matter if that’s a global or local community.

Having a local business gives you a clear advantage: you are already there, and live near your customers, so if you think about it, you probably already know them more than you think.

In this post we are going to discuss a few tips that you can use to increase your ROI and your brand presence in your local hometown.

Create a Special List For Neighbors

The better you target and segment your customer base, the better results you should get from your marketing campaigns.

Creating a separate list for your local residents, and using local references and local wording for your messages, will surely attract new customers and also enhance the loyalty on the current ones. People enjoy being part of a community, and what is a better community than the one were one lives?

Enhance Local Sentiment

Promote your local area and hometown. Send social messages sponsoring local events and take your brand there. Create stronger bonds with local firms to create special offers that includes and benefit everyone involved.

If you complement your services and products with other businesses nearby, people will be happy to save a few bucks, and might improve sales for everyone.

Go Omnichannel

Being an omnichannel business means that you can stay in touch with customers using a variety of means, mostly the ones that your own customers use on a daily basis.

Using social networks to complement your offers will increase the number of people you reach. Take into account that clients should give you their permission before you can send them marketing messages, so social networks and local advertising (in radio stations, stores, churches, chambers of commerce, etc) can make you grow your local audience first before launching your marketing campaigns.

Encourage In Person Offers

Clubs, restaurants, and stores can improve attendance by complementing their mobile coupons with bigger discounts that can be redeemed in person at the store. This will encourage people that live nearby to stop by your store and shop more (and maybe even people from other neighborhoods or areas).

Take Advantage Of Your Area Lifestyle

If you know when your fellow neighbors usually have lunch or dinner, or their personal tastes or traditions, create specific offers by using this information. If you know what kind of jobs people have in your area, or the general sentiment towards specific matters, you can write your messages with creative references to them.

Stay In Touch

Hearing from local businesses can be appreciated by some people, specially when they might know the employees that work there, as it usually happens with local stores. Send news, birthday salutations, event reminders, and special offers once or twice a week that ocasional bystanders can redeem.

— The PortaText Team.