How To Create An Amazing Customer Service With SMS


Texting is not only a new verb in our modern vocabulary, it is also an every day task that we all do for more than one reason. People of all ages are using text messages on a daily basis to communicate with their friends and family, but also to interact with businesses that can offer an omnichannel experience.

SMS have an open rate of 98%, are read within the first 3 minutes, 91% of mobile owners keep their mobile within a range of 3 feet, and 2 out of 3 mobile owners prefer to be contacted by text messages rather than by a traditional phone call. Businesses that want to stay sharp and competitive can’t afford to ignore these facts and must be able to offer a great customer experience.

In this post we present you different ideas for different kind of business that want to make a difference by offering an amazing customer service. As a complement for this article, we’ve also written some great tips to make the most out of an SMS service.

Two Way Messaging

As a general rule, being able to quickly communicate back and forth with your customers is a clear advantage over any competition.

The use of SMS in the Contact Center business has been proven as a reliable way to retain loyal customers while at the same time presenting yourself as a modern and attractive company for new customers.

When you get a message from your customers, respond fast and clear, using full words (instead of “textspeak”) people will expect to be heard and taken into account when they need anything.

Customer Service And Support

SMS is also a great way to enhance customer service in your business by integrating your systems to be able to send and receive messages from your customers.

Instead of calling or receiving calls from your clients, let them run their own commands in your system with a simple text message. They could for example find out about their payments, orders, shipping track numbers and account balance without having to wait for an agent to be able to pick up a phone call.

In this way you will be able to offer a 24/7 service without needing  human agents to handle trivial questions.


If you are a doctor, a dentist, a mechanic or provide any kind of services you can send appointment reminders or specific instructions by text messages, like taking a medication an hour before a blood test.

Real Estate

Let your potential buyers find out all the details about a property by just sending a quick text message to a specific number. Send them alerts about similar properties or appointments for viewing them.


Security agencies and monitoring services can get in touch with owners, neighbors, and even the police by using text messages. Images could also be sent to provide more information.

Your clients could report suspicious activities by silently sending you an SMS instead of calling a contact center, and this can also be done in distant areas where a poor mobile service might not support a phone call, but will let an SMS pass through.


In the retail business, SMS campaigns allows to send different offers for customers, known as mobile coupons. These marketing tools will work better when used with some best practices in mind and when having a good customer segmentation, to target offers.


For schools and universities, text messages are becoming more and more useful, since it allows university students to stay updated with news from the campus, exam dates, and general events.

It also allow parents that have their kids enrolled in schools to be alerted when needed, and to also send truancy notifications.


Send cancellation alerts and last minute updates to bookings and flight information. Hotels could use SMS to send general information like restaurant or bar open hours, a list of points of interest around the area, and general guidance advices for tourists so they can get around the city or town.


Restaurants can send special offers, and take reservations from known loyal customers, but also take orders for special meals or wines in advance.

Health Care

In the health care area one could send appointment reminders, take care of patients suffering from different diseases by sending medication reminders and general tips to improve health care. Also, teleconsultation is a possibility: patients could ask for quick advices and request an appointment when needed.

NGOs, and General Welfare

SMS are fun to use because they can be used for virtually anything. As a matter of fact, we have collected a great number of uses cases that are not related to business. NGOs are using text messages to provide services for people around the world, and helping us all in improving the quality of our life.

— The PortaText Team.