Top 5 SMS use cases NOT related to Business, Part 5


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Part 4 of this series was amazing, and we hope you like this one too. SMS is an incredible useful tool for reminders, customer service, marketing, and alerts, but as we always like to say “A 98% open rate is not only good for business”, so we are including topics related to traffic, safety, healthcare, and general welfare, as usual.

We really enjoy the opportunity of bringing you these short success stories, so we hope they will be as fun to read them as they were in writing them. There’s also a Part 6, so we hope you enjoy yourself!

Middlesex Country, USA

The Rutgers University launched a pilot program so students can reach out to police officers on patrol by using simple SMS. The number of burglaries, robberies, assaults have increased so this new system will allow students to quickly call the authorities and even send pictures that will be dispatched on the fly to current officers on the street. The system was designed by students of the University.

Islamabad, Pakistan

The Peshawar Traffic Police created an SMS system to inform about the state of the local roads. People can send a message to a specific number to get information about the state of the traffic in their area, and the police can also in turn send traffic alerts to everyone interested. This is an attempt to minimize the traffic congestion in the different roads.

Cape Town, South Africa

The Oxford University and the Cape Town University proved that sending SMS reminders to patients suffering of hypertension can help them improve their health. Patients often forget to take their medication, or perhaps they run out of them when they need it. The groups of patients that were part of the program took their medicine 80% of the time and ended up with a controlled blood pressure.

Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Alaskans can now use SMS to quickly find out if they qualify for food stamps. Instead of filling out the 28 page long application, people can now find out in a matter of minutes if they qualify, by just sending 10 text messages, this has greatly improve the way in which people can get access to the program.


Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu announced that he is going to launch a free SMS service to inform passengers about the platforms where their trains are going to depart or arrive to. Passengers will be asked for their mobile phone when they book their tickets, so automatic systems can send SMS messages and phone calls to provide the right information. The Allahabad station was the scenario of an unfortunate stampede when the platform number of a train was changed suddenly at the last minute, and this new system aims to solve that.

— The PortaText Team.