Creating Great Call-To-Action Text For Your SMS Campaigns


Having a big list of subscribers eager to receive your excellent offers, coupons, and discounts is just the very beginning of the journey to increase your sales.

As we stated in our post about Best Practices For An Effective SMS Campaign, writing a CTA (or Call To Action) for your text messages might be challenging and can’t be left out to pure instincts only, since it is a key part to increase the interest of both new and current customers in your services.

There are certain rules and best practices that we can follow and apply to our text messages, to assure some degree of success in terms of writing them in the right way, and make them more effective. In this post we are going to explore some easy tips that can be added to your personal marketing checklist. Enjoy!

Create Urgency

Offering an “all or nothing” opportunity to your customers that should be taken in a specific time frame, tends to create a psychological need to take it. It will most likely drive more interest due to the risk of losing the chance of making a good deal.

Phrases like “Time is running out”, or “Your special offer is about to expire” will encourage people to continue reading through your message and it also increases the chance of a conversion at the end. These phrases will be more effective at the start of your messages.

Make It Singular

Make sure you choose only one call to action for your messages. A secondary call to action in the same message will probably confuse your audience, and it also means that you might not be targeting correctly your campaign.

If you feel that a message should include more than one CTA, perhaps there’s a chance to split it into more than one campaign, where each call to action might be interesting for a specific segment of customers.

As an example, a message like:

…if you are already a VIP member click this… or if you want to upgrade to VIP click this…

is clearly targeted to two different kind of customers at the same time (with an without a VIP subscription). It would be better in this case to split this into two campaigns: one for the VIP subscribers and the other to tempt non-VIP members to become VIP.

Add a Personal Touch

Small details like starting your messages with the first name of the customer will make a difference. And it’s better than sending a generic message, since it will create a stronger bond with your clients, improve loyalty and overall feeling towards your brand.

Clear And Actionable

The receiver of your message shouldn’t have to do anything else other than literally what your CTA states. Let’s look at the following message as an example:

Send “BONUS” To 12345 To Get The Best Discounts

Some people might send the word BONUS including the double quotes, that won’t convert and will be a lost chance of gaining a customer. The solution in this case is easy: lose the double quotes.

Also, when adding a link or a telephone number, make it actionable, so one can click on it and trigger the action without any further actions.

Don’t Make Me Think

Don’t assume that people will know exactly how to act. Complete your message with what should be done, like “Call this number”, “Click the following link”. Sometimes it is reasonable to think that your customers will know what to do, but just to be on the safe side make it explicit.

Less Is More

Make sure that you are using your SMS messages in the best possible way.

This means that you should take into account that you are asking for people’s attention right away (98% of SMS are read within the first 3 minutes), and your message is being delivered literally to one’s pocket. This great power comes with a great responsibility. Don’t send too many messages or you will annoy your subscribers,

Also, your messages should be short, and concise, and it is recommended that you use full words, instead of using “Txtspk”, or your brand won’t be taken seriously.

— The PortaText Team.