Top 5 SMS use cases NOT related to Business, Part 4


This series has become our small Friday’s tradition, so we bring you the part 4 with a Top 5 SMS uses that are not related to business. Part 3 got ourselves some really good feedback and comments, and we expect no less from this one! Read about some great examples where SMS are being used to help a lot of people around the world in their daily life. You can also proceed to the Part 5 afterwards.

Columbia University, New York, USA

The University of Columbia has put in place an SMS system to improve anonymity and improve and cut-off waiting times for students seeking counseling.  Without the system, students had to wait in a hall until a counselor was available, but now they can just fill in a form and then they will be notified by a text message five minutes before a counselor is available.

Ludhiana, India

The city of Ludhiana created an SMS program to send reminders and general information  to parents related to the immunisation of their children. Parents get enrolled in the program by giving their mobile phone number and child date of birth and they will receive alerts with the due date of vaccination.


UNICEF launched its program PakAvaz, a mobile social monitoring tool, looking for young people to get involved and express their opinion about social matters. Weekly SMS messages and polls are sent to the U-reporters so they can respond and give their views on a wide range of subjects.

The Entire World

WeWarm has created a social network that runs entirely on SMS connecting distant farmers in their native language throughout the world so they can ask questions and exchange information. Questions could be realted to diseases, water shortages, and general issues that local villages are having so it’s a great way to start gathering information about problems before they get big.


Train passengers can now use an SMS system to ask for cleaning personnel to be sent to the coach and get it cleaned. The messages get to supervisor and the cleaning staff will then be sent to the right place and collect the passenger feedback afterwards.

— The PortaText Team.