Are You Sending The Most Effective SMS Coupons?


Are you really squeezing the most out of your SMS mobile coupons? Are you experiencing a low rate of conversions? Nothing to worry about actually, since we’ve all been there.

In this post we are sharing a few thoughts based on our own customers’ experience that will help you improve your SMS coupons, and create better offers that will make your own clients engage more with your brand.

 “% Off” Is More Appealing

Phrases like “25% off in your purchase of X” are more likely to be well received than specifying an amount of money (like $50), even if they describe the same benefit in the end. Make sure this is right at the start of your messages to assure maximum engagement.

Buy One, Get One

Offers along the lines of “Buy X and get another one for free” will also be well received by your customers and will convert better than just offering a product for free with purchases over a specific amount of money (i.e: “Take a free X with your purchase of over $50”).

Don’t Chase The Rabbit!

Use your current customers’ information to anticipate their next move or desires. Turn your CRM upside down to find information about your products and customers, then connect the dots!

Based on information like age, location, previous purchases and/or inquiries about different products you will be able to provide better and more accurate offers that will be more attractive to them, and will probably convert better.

It is better to have multiple different type of campaigns and coupons targeted to different groups of customers than to send just one generic offer hoping that it will be interesting to everyone.

Measure, Pivot, Execute, and Loop

Once you started your SMS campaigns, make sure you have a way of measuring the results.

Running A/B Tests for different texts and products, and having a CRM that supports omnichannel communications will prove really helpful when comparing the results of your marketing campaigns and the source of your leads.

Was a campaign more successful than another? Perhaps a specific group of customers responded better to a set of offers? Measuring will allow you to pivot earlier and make the right business decisions.

Less is more

Remember that an SMS can be up to 160 characters long, and that should be enough for your entire message. Creating long messages will surely confuse your audience (if you can’t describe your offer or product in a short message it is too complex!).

Also, using more than 160 characters will result in your clients receiving more than 1 message from you, since the carriers tend to split long messages into multiple messages, and this is will also annoy people.

Final Words

With these few tips you should be able to increase the number of conversions of your SMS coupons and also get better at designing your messages for your own type of customers. Creating a loyalty program will also increase your chances of new and current customers engaging with your brand. If you found this article helpful, you might want to read about other tips to successfully run your SMS campaigns.

— The PortaText Team.