Top 5 SMS use cases NOT related to Business, Part 3


Welcome! This is the 3rd post in this amazing series where we discuss other SMS uses that are not related to business, but with humanitarian causes like health, education, security, and other areas where a text message can help people on a daily basis.

Our last post introduced some great use cases and this edition is no less! Relax, and enjoy the creativity of the people and organizations trying to improve our lives, one text message at a time. There’s also a Part 4 available.


About 700 Australian adults took part in this experiment that costed about $10 per person. The experiment consisted in sending text messages to heart patients for 6 months with small advices about healthy food and exercise. The results do not yet prove that the number of deaths by heart attacks has reduced, but it did prove that receiving these messages produced a notorious benefit for the patients as a way to continue the care program outside of the hospital.

Oregon, USA

Woodburn-area residents will be able to text 911 when in trouble. With a single SMS people will be able to contact emergency services on situations where calls might not be possible due to imminent danger, rural areas with poor cellphone service, or when hear impaired. The use of MMS is also contemplated so photos can be sent, and also GPS coordinates. Call if you can, Text if you can’t!

Denver, USA

Henry H. Fischer, MD, of the Denver Health and Hospital Authority lead a study consisting in using text messages to send advices to patients and help them lose weight and improve their blood pressure, with great results. Since everybody has a cellphone nowadays, this seems to be an excellent way to improve healthcare in low- and high-income people.

Agra, India

The Uttar Pradesh transport department has made available an SMS system so people can check a vehicle status and record before buying it. The system replies in seconds with the full vehicle history so there’s no need to physically go to an office and wait in line. The system will also be used by the police to quickly check a vehicle record with just a text message.


The Electoral Commission of Zambia will allow registered voters to verify and rectify their status and personal information via SMS so they can be ready to vote in the next elections.

— The PortaText Team.