Improving Leads Quality with Caller ID Information


High quality leads is something that most businesses rely upon. There might be many cases where you have a telephone number, but you don’t know the person or company that owns it (for example when looking at the CDR records after taking a lot of inbound calls with your PBXs down), or perhaps a new client calling in, and this is when the CNAM databases come to the rescue. CNAM stands for “Caller ID Name“, this is the information that carriers provide to their own customers on all inbound calls.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your CRM automatically lookup the registered name of an inbound call so an agent can know the name of your client even before answering the call? Or perhaps you want to run an automated job to do all the CNAM lookups at the end of the day, or maybe do it automatically on every inbound SMS?

We are now opening access to the CNAM database through our API, and in this post we are going to see how it can be used in different scenarios.

Manually Querying the CNAM Database

If you want to manually do a couple of specific requests, this feature is available in your user panel under the CNAM menu option. This is useful if you only have a couple of records to look for and you feel there’s no real place to an integration with other products. For other, more intensive uses, we recommend the options below.

Automatic and On Demand Caller ID Name Lookup

If you want to integrate your CRM to query the CNAM database to run queries whenever you need to, you can use our CNAM Endpoint in the REST API, or one of our Available SDKs for your favorite programming language.

The information is requested for the number you are interested in, and in the result you will get the name under which that phone number is registered.

Automatically Getting the Information on Inbound Texts

The service can also be enabled on a per DID (or long code) basis directly in your user panel or through our API by changing your DID Settings.

When enabled, every SMS sent to the number will also trigger a CNAM lookup, and this information will be sent to your systems via the configured Notifications. If you enabled the SMS2Email feature, then you will also receive this information in your email, along with the other information (like dates, message content, etc).


Using the CNAM database allows one to improve the quality of the leads, no matter if they come through a phone call or an SMS, by providing the name of the business or person interested in your services.

With this information you can improve the overall customer experience and give a terrific first impression, and also use it to cross the information with other databases to get more information about your potential customers.

If you have any questions, don’t please contact us, we’ll be glad to help you start using this feature for your own needs.

— The PortaText Team.