Is your Business truly OmniChannel?


Welcome to the information age. In this day and age, the customers are the ones that decide how and when they want to communicate with your company, and this is a fact that must be acknowledged in order to run a successful business.

The customer experience has now shifted from the traditional contact center with people trained to take calls, to a world of different channels that are expected to work in the same way or even better. It doesn’t matter if a client started a transaction with a phone call, he or she might want to continue this interaction through an SMS, a social network, or physically at the store, and your business must be prepared to take this into account to provide a better customer service.

Let’s see a few tips that will help you create a better omnichannel experience for your clients.

Support the Channels that Customers Use on a Daily Basis

It’s not really necessary to make the effort of supporting every single channel that a person can use. But it is really important to support the ones that most of your clients use. For example, having a contact center for taking calls is useful, but mobile use is growing at a steady pace and it is impossible to ignore that most people prefer to text to accomplish their daily tasks. SMS enables self service and empowers your customers, and this is something they will really appreciate.

Centralized Repository for Your Data

Information should be unified and available from all your departments at the same time. It’s really frustrating for a person to repeat an inquiry, complaint, or request, several times just because they called more than once, or used a different channel for an interaction. If you use a CRM, make sure that all your channels have access to it and all the information for your clients (and their transactions) can be accessed throughout all your organization.

Integrate your Channels

Customers will expect that your channels will be integrated in a way that they will be recognized no matter the channel they choose to communicate with you. Starting an interaction over the phone and continuing it through a simple text message is something that should be allowed to do and carried on smoothly.

Allow Automation and Self Service

It is expected that over the following years there will be less human-to-human interactions, and this is because automation and self service enhances the overall customer experience with your company, by allowing people to get immediate answers to their questions without having to wait on the phone, or expecting an email, or even wait physically in line at a store.

Using IVRs and Text Messages will dramatically lower your costs when handling inquiries about payment information, balance check, filling information, and similar scenarios.  A2P messages are an excellent cost effective way of improving the customer experience.


Customer service makes the difference. If you company does not offer a great customer experience, chances are that your clients will take their business elsewhere. If you feel that you could do better, there some simple questions that can help when improving the omnichannel experience for your customers:

  • Who are my customers and what kind of channels they use on a daily basis?
  • Is my CRM able to handle and connect all those channels? Is my staff trained to do so?
  • Am I empowering my customers through self service and automation?

These simple questions might require some research but it is truly worth the while. Once you have your different channels integrated and ready to serve your customers you will notice an increase both in your ROI and your positive feedback.

— The PortaText Team.