Top 5 SMS use cases NOT related to Business, Part 2


In our previous post we covered some use cases for SMS messages that were not directly related to businesses, but to target a need, being in health, education, or simply doing something for the people. With this new post we aim to continue this (hopefully long) series of SMS uses that are not designed to make money. If you liked these 5 use cases, don’t miss the Part 3 of this series.


FarmAfrica is using SMS to send useful tips and tricks to fish farmers in Kenya, while at the same promoting aquaculture across the country. The messages contain advices on what kind of food is convenient for the fish but also on how to grow them in a sustainable way. Fish farms are now common in Kenya but not everyone has access to good food and equipment quality, so what FarmAfrica is doing helps a lot to many families throughout the country.


The Rapid SMS programme is helping to reduce child and maternal mortality rates by providing updated information about any pregnancy to concerned health workers in any given area. It’s also improving neonatal care and the health of the mothers and newborns by reducing the number of preventable deaths.


In Delhi, the first SMS system designed to track the police officers claims is helping the personnel to stay updated with their claims, and know if they are making any progress or not. Some of the available services have to do with scholarships, marriage or high education loans, stitching charges, etc. Before the SMS system was put in place the policemen had to constantly ask if they got the benefit or not, but now they can work as usual without worrying about staying updated.


The Life Insurance Association of Malaysia is enabling the public to check the status of their insurance agents by SMS. This helps common people to check the authenticity of the persons they are dealing with, and check if they are registered as an authorized agent, thus, protecting the customers.

All over the world

DuniaHealth is running an automated SMS alert system that connects clinics and patients by reminding them of vaccine appointments, and letting them know about any issues they are interested in regarding their health. By taking advantage of this, DuniaHealth saves thousands of man-hours a year that were dedicated to answering phone calls, and are now instead dedicated to improve the life of refugees around the world every day.

— The PortaText Team.