Using Group Messaging for Fun and Profit


1-way Group messaging allows you to send SMS to a group of people at the same time and collect their responses individually, avoiding the noise of really crowded chat groups and keeping the focus on the important things.

It also lets you deliver your message in a safe way to any number of people with just a click, enhancing the overall communication experience of the companies with their staff and with their clients at the same time.

What follows is just a small list of useful scenarios where you could be taking advantage of using SMS as your primary way to stay in touch with your staff and your customers. If you feel creative, the limit is as high as the sky!

 IT Alerts

Still using email to send alerts? Are you tired of going through 1000 inbox messages just to see that you missed an alert from yesterday morning? Get your devops guys attention right away! If your IT department has any kind of monitoring system already in place, add SMS alerts to it with just 1 line of code.

SMS are almost instantly read and catch the eye attention immediately, so it’s a great way to send an alert when something’s up. For a few ideas, we briefly discussed this in an earlier post by using Hubot to send SMS alerts, and we’ve also made available an example using a Librato integration. We use these two for own purposes with excellent results.

Staff Communications

Communicating with your staff should be an easy task but it should be trustable too, since businesses depend heavily on this. Sadly, not all companies have a way to contact their employees in a immediate way.

Group messaging will allow you to create contact lists based on any kind of classification you like for your staff (like roles, titles, shifts, etc) and send them an SMS directly to their mobile phone any time you need to. Is the office going to be closed on Monday? Are you expecting a huge number of calls in your call center and need them all right away? How about reminding them about a small “get-together” or after-office? Nobody will be able to say they didn’t know about it!

CRM Integrations

CRMs are a great use case for group messaging. If your CRM enables you to use SMS you will be able to contact your staff and also specific customers at once, perhaps to remind them about an event or a special offer. And by using delivery reports you can know who got the information and who didn’t.

Internal Communications for Events, Hotels, Social occasions, etc

If you are organizing an event you can use group messaging to send real time updates, parking and driving directions, reminders, etc. Opening the bar at 6pm or having a brunch at 11am? Are you organizing a contest for your attendees? Need to gather them all at the auditorium? Let them know right away with a text message.

Hop on!

With PortaText you can easily send group messages and manage your contact lists through your Admin Panel. If you are a developer, you can also use our REST API or one of our open source SDKs for your favorite programming language.

If you feel that your business could take advantage of this great feature, please let us know, we’ll be happy to hear from you and know more about your needs to help you get started right away!

— The PortaText Team.