Avoid SPAM Reports by Blacklisting your Contacts


It will happen from time to time that one of your clients (or users) will complaint about your messages. It might be that you’re not using your SMS powers with enough good karma, but it may also happen that the person in question does not have time (or does not know how to, or it’s not sufficiently clear how to) opt-out of your messages.

Today we are discussing one of our Product Features, the Blacklist, which can be used as a last resort to handle these situations. It can also be used when your campaigns are already running and you want to make sure that certain contacts will not receive any of those messages.

As a client, you have available a blacklist where you can add and remove contacts. Each contact is a telephone number in full E164 format (but without the leading ‘+’), and adding a contact to the blacklist will permanently keep that contact safe (i.e: unreachable) from any Campaign, Group messaging, or single-standalone message.

How does it work

It works in a pretty straightforward way. The Blacklist can be accessed through your panel, the REST API, and the SDKs. You can add and remove individual contacts from the blacklist, but you can also import and export the full list in CSV format so you can work with it offline. You can also check if a specific number is currently blacklisted.

If you try to send a message to a blacklisted contact, you will get a specific error telling you so and you won’t be charged for the attempt. This is true for campaigns, group, and single messages.

The full documentation for the Blacklist can be found at our Wiki, and of course all the SDKs have support for it.

— The PortaText Team.