Doing SMS Marketing with Good Karma


The marketing game has changed forever since the mobile devices entered the equation. They provide a new way to reach out to clients, and SMS is one of them, perhaps the one that definitely can’t be ignored nowadays in terms of marketing. But it also happens that clients are also more selective, strict, and demanding to the companies that send them newsletters and marketing messages.

If you want to experiment with text messages or just want to improve the ROI you get from them, it’s important to apply some good practices so your texts won’t end up being treated as just SPAM, and in turn, generate loyalty and interest by your clients. Let’s see a few of the best SMS marketing tips.

Introduce yourself

Don’t assume that your clients know who you are when seeing your message, most of them won’t. Prepending your name to the text (like “MyBrand: ….”) or changing the sender’s name will do the trick (note that not all countries will let you use an alphabetic string as the sender’s name, so take that into account when sending your messages).

Ask for Permission

Permission Marketing is about asking the client for his/her permission before sending any kind of messages. The client must be able to opt-in and out of your marketing campaigns, alerts, and notifications of any kind. Remember that SMS is a very intimate way to reach your clients, so respect their decisions and desires regarding what they want to receive, and how often.

Be Mobile Friendly

If your message contains a link, make sure the landing page will be seen correctly in as many mobile devices as possible. It is a must to have a site designed with a responsive philosophy. Manually check that the page can be seen and all the links will work. The main content should have a central place and take fully advantage of the size of a standard mobile device screen.

Less is more

Be brief and concise in your messages, keep it focused, and add a link or an action to call for more information. Take into account that a standard SMS has only 160 characters, and there’s no need to even use them all. Sending more than 160 characters will result in the clients receiving multiple messages from you, and that will not only increase your costs, but will annoy and confuse your clients too.

Personalize the Content

It’s not bad to send a massive marketing campaign from time to time, but what will really work is to send custom messages. Include the first name of the client, send birthday salutations, and content that will have a good chance of being welcomed by the person receiving it. Target your campaigns and ads.

Work in your content

Nobody likes to receive the same message over and over. If you don’t make your content interesting you will rapidly lose your customers’ interest and will be classified as spam in no time. Start with an attention grabber, experiment with different kind of contents, like “exclusive” offers and discounts, give the users what they want. Don’t use slang language or “txt speak”, and make your messages urgent, with “limited” offers.

Measure, measure, measure!

You won’t be able to know if you’re making progress without measuring the result of your campaigns. Use different codes and offers in your messages, keep track of them, use different landing pages and telephone numbers. Do A/B testing to see what kind of content seems to work better.

Get started right away

For more tips get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to help you benefit from a great SMS campaign.

— The PortaText Team.