Paper and words are carried away by the wind: SMS are not

11As you may know, we humans forget things, specially numbers like dates, amount of money, and other things that could be really important, like shipping or payment information, doctor appointments, phone numbers, etc. Phone calls or small piece of papers are just not enough.

So what could be a better way to communicate important information? When leaving the house you probably check for your keys, your wallet… and your cell phone, right? You have probably figured out by now what we’re getting to: Paper and words are both carried away by the wind, but SMS are not!

When your customer asks for (or has to receive) any kind of information, one shouldn’t trust their (or anyone’s) memory at all. But also, we can’t trust a piece of paper that can get tossed into the trashcan by accident or get lost in the house, or eaten by the dog.

Remember: SMS should be there all the time to answer the clients’ questionsSo let’s see where we can use SMS to our advantage to improve the customer experience when sending important information to our clients.

Shipping and Delivery Information

Don’t miss the opportunity to let your clients know when they will be receiving the package they bought. Send them notifications of the delivery status (Is the order ready to be shipped? Has it been shipped already? Was there a problem with it? Could it be delivered to the address they specified? Who received the package? Who will be delivering the package exactly?). Also tell them as much detail as possible about the delivery information (the hours of the day when they should be available to get the package, if they need to have any amount of cash ready to actually be able to receive it, etc).

Payment Information

It’s absolutely important to send this information to our clients. To whom should they be writing the check to? How many days they have to send a payment confirmation? If they are paying by credit card, was the payment processed successfully? What phone number should they be calling if they have a question or a problem?

Education and Health

Hospitals, NGOs, and clinics, are using SMS to notify parents and patients about vaccine calendars, medication reminders, and doctor appointments. Teleconsultation is also growing in countries where there might distant towns or villages without a primary healthcare center.

On the other hand, schools and universities use SMS to send exam results and send campus information like exam dates and other events.

Calendar Reminders

Web and mobile applications are using SMS to notify about conferences, and other events like birthdays, and anniversaries.

SMS has a lot of other uses too, as we commented in a previoius post.

So is your business/application wind resistant? Let us know!

— The PortaText Team.