Top 5 SMS use cases NOT related to Business, Part 1


SMS are great because they have an astonishing number of possibilities to be used in all kind of areas, that’s why we love them at PortaText. But they are not only about helping you improve your businesses and marketing campaigns by providing an enhanced customer experience and service (as we described in an earlier post). You can also check out the Part 2 of the series.

Today, we’re sharing with you the first part of a (hopefully) long series of “Top 5” use cases that are not related to business but to humanitarian, social, political, fun, or educational purposes. That’s right, 98% open rate is not only about business and marketing, so if you’re looking for inspiration this might be a good place to start!


At the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, a group of researches came up with a system to alert caregivers when their patients’ diapers need to be changed. It works in a very simple way (that’s of course easy to say now that they’ve invented it!): a small sensor is embedded in the adult diapers, and when it detects that is wet it will send a signal to the caregivers via SMS.


The government replaced a plebiscite about equal marriage with an SMS voting system. They evaluated the option of having a standard plebiscite as a really complex and expensive way of asking people about their opinion, so instead of “wasting $160 million” of the taxpayers’ money, they decided to do it via a binding SMS voting system what will become a legislation if passed.


A new free SMS system called Nowcast was launched by the government to send alerts to subscribed farmers every 3 hours about extreme weather conditions. This is extremely helpful for farmers to they can take measures and prepare themselves and their crops to thunderstorms, hail, and squall. The alerts are sent in english, hindi, and regional languages directly to the farmers’mobiles.


In Pennsylvania, a text message programme that warned about alcohol abuse was tested in adults of ages from 18 to 25. The positive effects of the programme were verified even after 6 months it ended. The people exposed to the text messages care reported a reduction of 12% in their drinking, while the control group reported no reduction at all in their alcohol consumption.


The Climate Change and Health project started an initiative to offer medical teleconsultation to distant patients in areas that are maybe cut off due to the problems arised from climate change (like floodings). SMS and Calls are used to give a first aid and are saving lifes every day.

— The PortaText Team.