Using Contact Lists to send Group Messages through Hubot


Remember our last post where we introduced our Hubot script? We added support for Contact Lists now, so it’s become much more fun to use now 🙂

As you may already know, the code is available at our GitHub account. As Hubot is written in CoffeeScript, we’re using our NodeJS SDK, but if you like other programming languages you might find our list of Available SDKs really useful!

What are Contact Lists

You can read the gory details about Contact Lists in our REST API documentation. Basically speaking they are just a way of grouping telephone numbers (contacts). We are going to take advantage of this feature now so you can send SMS to a bunch of people at once (again.. if you’re using this to notify your devops guys, you didn’t hear this from us!).

Sending an SMS to a contact list

To send an SMS to a contact list:

hubot sms_group send to mygroup this is the message!

Managing Contact Lists

To create a contact list:

hubot sms_group create mygroup this is the group description

To list all contact lists:

hubot sms_group list

To remove a contact list:

hubot sms_group delete mygroup

Managing Contacts

To add a phone number to a contact list:

hubot sms_group add 12223334444 to mygroup

To remove a phone number from a contact list:

hubot sms_group remove 12223334444 from mygroup

Final Words

This is really useful to for example company communications. We’re using this with the HipChat adapter so we can stay in touch with everyone, event when they are away 🙂

— The PortaText Team.