Picallex chooses PortaText as its new Strategic Partner


Picallex, LLC will now be offering embedded out-of-the-box SMS support in their Picallex CRM product for call centres.

Picallex CRM has been a major player in the industry during the last 10 years. With a clear focus on the needs of the latin american market, it has been continuously enhancing the call centre and customer service experience with state of the art technologies and features.

The Picallex customers will now be able to send SMS to their own clients when specific events happen in the system. When clients place an order or a payment is processed, they will receive a confirmation. When their order is shipped or delivered they will get all the needed information about the package.

Picallex went even further in pushing the SMS use into the system, by extending their product with customizable plugins to allow their clients to create complex business rules to decide when and how SMS are sent during the lifecycle of an order. Everything is done automatically.

We’ve been looking for SMS providers for some time now, but finally settled an agreement with PortaText” said Marcelo Sosa (CEO and Founder of Picallex, LLC). “We liked how easy it was to integrate our product with them, that gave us a great time-to-market window“.

Mr. Sosa also shared the feedback he personally received from the clients: “It’s working great so far, our clients are happy. They are investing just a few dollars and in return they are really cutting expenses on their phone bills. The staff is now available to handle new clients instead of being at the phone constantly reminding the customers over and over about the same shipping or payment information. They are saving time and money at the same time.

When asked about how the use of SMS changed the customer experience and relationship with the call centres, Mr. Sosa remarked: “The customers now have all the important information about their orders in their cell phones, like shipping information, tracking numbers, and so on, and they can even call back by just “clicking” on the telephone number in the SMS. They can tell their customer number for faster reference on the spot. Some of them have even added the call centres to their mobile contact list and report back if they will be able to receive their order or want to reschedule. They also give feedback about what they bought. It’s amazing, they are really communicating back and forth“.

Marcelo Gornstein (CTO and Co-Founder of PortaText) commented on the experience: “We’re glad everyone is enjoying the service, and of course we feel very proud to be able to help with this great product. When we looked at it, we loved it, and their ideas to further use the SMS service were awesome too. These guys are the rockstars of the CRM world for latin american call centres.“.

Everything went smoothly. We worked together with them for a few weeks, helping them to use the available SDKs to use the PortaText service so they can finish their integrations in time and start trying the new features out in the field. Then we played some fierce ping pong matches during our spare time! We had a lot of fun, indeed.” said Mr. Gornstein.

Congratulations to both companies for this new strategic alliance!

— The PortaText Team.