How SMS changed the Call Centre Business forever


The call centre business now faces the duty of continuously finding ways to improve every day, but not everyone has the time and financial resources to do it. There is plenty of competition and it is a must to stay sharp and take advantage of every possible technology to lower costs and maximize effectiveness of the staff.

This post shows how SMS messaging can help you enhance and automatize the customer experience without requiring agents to spend time on calls, while at the same time dramatically cutting expenses.

New mobiles, new challenges

ITU Statistics for mobile telephone subscriptions show that in 2015, 96 out of 100 world inhabitants have a mobile phone, and in developed countries there are already more than 100 mobiles per 100 inhabitants. More also, the number of mobile-only homes is also growing, meaning that more people every day are completely dropping the idea of having a landline in their homes.

Other studies also show that the number of people leaving their own mobile phone number as their primary contact number is increasing every year, meaning that almost all of the outbound calls made by a call centre will be done to a mobile line, increasing the operative costs (this is specially true for call centres operating in different countries, even if they use VoIP to place and receive calls).

Higher costs lead to a lower revenue, so this is a key point to improve ROI.

New opportunities

SMS can replace a lot of your outbound and inbound calls scenarios, and although there is an associated cost, it is much lower than a call, lowering your overall operating costs.

As a side effect, agents will be free to take care of the important situations that require human interaction (making sales, taking care of complex questions, etc). Another advantage is that the relationship with your clients becomes much closer, and allows you to continuously get in touch with them, and also create loyalty programs where you can actually reward them and send them targeted offers.

Let’s see a few examples where SMS are useful and have been proven as a successful tool in the call centre workflow.

Debt collection

SMS is less intrusive than a phone call to interact with customers that have a pending payment. A simple message sent to their cell phone with the payment information is more effective than a call that won’t be answered, while improving your customer relation at the same time.

Self service

CRM systems can be easily integrated so they can send SMS automatically on different situations. For example when a client requests payment information, or the status of a placed order, or the account balance. Your clients will be able to interact with you directly and on their own, freeing your agents of being at the phone in these scenarios.

Loyalty programs, Targeted promotions, discounts, and special offers

Message customization and targeted marketing campaigns are a great side effect of using SMS. As discussed in our previous post “5 tips to make the most out of your sms messages”, being able to reach your clients through their mobile will allow you to quickly send them just what you know they will be interested in at a very low cost, maximizing your revenue. Based on their interaction with you through SMS you can follow consumption habits and build profiles for each one of them without effort.

Staff contact

Contacting employees is another SMS advantage. It happens that sometimes employees notify that they will not be able for their shift with a short notice. Or perhaps you need more of them on site. Sending some SMS to your staff and receiving their responses immediately is a great way to gather them at your office, much more effective and less expensive than calling them to their phones.

Alerts, notifications

Some of our customers have successfully integrated SMS into their current workflows and CRMs, by for example sending order confirmations to their clients as soon as an order has been placed, notifying them when the order is in transit or has been delivered, and confirming payment processing.

Two-way messaging

Build customer relationship without effort by taking advantage of a bidirectional communication. Instead of waiting for them to call, or invest a lot of money (and time) in calling them, just send an SMS  and then reply to their messages within seconds. You can even send automatic responses or route specific messages to different marketing campaigns. Agents will only spend a few seconds replying to messages instead of several minutes at the phone.

Efficient mass messaging

Send messages to a client or thousands of them at the same time with just a few clicks. Customize your messages with templates, and contact lists. You can also track the status of your marketing campaign and messages in real time, measuring the result of your investment immediately.


At PortaText we are experts in the SMS services, and we also focus on the call centre business. We care about helping you integrate SMS messaging in your current CRM products, in a way that it is clear and easy to use, and at the same time cost effective, making you spend less money and maximizing your benefits, no matter the size and volume of your business.

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— The PortaText Team.