5 Tips to make the most out of your SMS messages


We’ve all done it, even during a meeting, or a family gathering, or a walk in the park: take a peek at the SMS message we just got on our cell phones. Perhaps we don’t respond right away, but we do read it. Do we also do this with an unexpected phone call or even our email? Not really.

SMS messages are a really powerful tool to reach out to people. You can literally put a message in their pockets and engage in a continuous relationship with potential (and current) customers. SMS have a 98% open rate, and more than 60% of the receivers would accept to continue receiving special offers or notifications that fits their interests. Today we are sharing 5 tips to really improve our mobile marketing skills.

1. Reward loyalty

SMS messages are a very personal way of reaching out to your clients, so it should be used to create and grow a strong bond with them. Take note of the consumption habits of your clients, send them exclusive offers tailored to their needs, offer coupons, and discounts for products they use or buy frequently.

Invite them to send you their feedback and create rewards for the ones that continue to respond to your communication efforts. Take advantage of the “gamification” possibilities of such an engagement, by issuing points that can later be exchanged for discounts.

2. Customization

Making sure your messages don’t look like SPAM or generic mass-messages will sure pay off in the short term. People don’t like to receive SPAM in their mobiles, and will sure disregard any kind of communication that is obviously not directed to them in particular. This could make them report your number to the carrier and terminate your mobile marketing adventures (or their relationship with your company) in the short term.

A good rule to follow is to think about what you would like to receive from a company, which mostly reduces to important notifications or offers that you care about. Try to gather enough information from your current and potential customers before engaging with them in such a close and intimate communication. Be polite, use their names in the messages, send them birthday salutations and rewards, offer discounts in products that they might be interested in by taking into account their gender, age, and other personal information. Be useful.

3. Respond

Don’t let your clients hanging! If a client sent you a reply to your SMS or started a conversation out of nowhere, make sure you reply to them. Even if it’s just an automated response telling them that their request has been received and should receive a reply soon, it’s better than nothing at all. It’s really important that the communication flows quickly due to how SMS messages work. Companies that don’t seem to respond in a timely manner will lose clients rapidly.

4. Show respect

People don’t like to receive messages at 4am, and also they might not want to receive all kind of messages from you. Let your clients opt out of your messages, and/or let them choose what type of notifications and alerts they want to receive, and also how frequent they might want them. Make sure you show that you care about privacy and respect their rights to just say “no” or “not now”. This approach is much more honest and better than just losing clients and gaining a SPAM reputation for being too aggressive.

5. Engagement

Engaging in a personal manner with your clients is a must these days. Whenever a client finishes a call with your representatives, or an online operation, or even an SMS request, send them a confirmation or a simple “thank you” message.

Even more, ask them if they are satisfied, invite them to give you feedback right away. Let them know that you care about their thoughts, and how useful it is to for them and your company to share this and other information to make the future communications even more efficient. Send a poll from time to time so you can get a bit extra of information about your clients so you can better target your next marketing campaign.

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— The PortaText Team.