5 Reasons Why 2-Way SMS Improves Your Customer Relations

Our current customers have been enjoying the benefits of 2-way SMS for quite some time now, but we find that new customers are more used to 1way promotional (and/or transactional) services, where they just “fire and forget” thousands of messages, perhaps missing a key opportunity to improve their relations with their customers and extend their business with 2way SMS.

In this post we are going to explore what exactly is 2-way SMS, what it offers, and describe the top 5 main reasons to implement it in your company.

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Length is important! How SMS are segmented and billed

In previous posts like “Unicode in your SMS: Emojis and Non-English Characters” we discussed how using different encodings to send your messages will also change the way they are billed. Today, we are going to dig a bit more (way more) deep into the subject in order to clarify why it works like this, and what to expect when sending messages with different characters and encodings.

Note that this is a technical post, so you can skip the parts you are not interested in. But it’s highly recommended to fully understand it, in order to make a better, more effective use of the SMS technology when engaging your customers.

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Adding SMS capabilities to your current company number

At PortaText we are proud to be continuously improving our product with exciting new features and services, and today is no exception. Our platform will now allow you to send and receive SMS messages through your own company number. How cool is that?

If you have a US number, whether it’s a local, national, or toll free number, that your clients know, are accustomed to, and can easy relate to your company , you can make use of the power of SMS messages to stay in touch with them through that very same number. This means that you can send them alerts, notifications, reminders, and also receive their responses, essentially chatting with them via SMS.

By the way, you did know that your clients ARE already texting you right now? Don’t leave them hanging! Keep on reading to know more about this awesome service.

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2-Way SMS now available in Argentina!

We’ve been working on this for quite some time now, and we’re absolutely happy to announce that after a lot of work, and closing a few deals with some major carriers, we are now offering 2 way SMS (that’s inbound & outbound messages) through local Argentina numbers!

This means that you can now fully engage your customers through the power of SMS in Argentina by using local numbers. You will be able to send alerts, notifications, and other kind of messages directly from your application by using one of our Available SDKs or through your User Panel.

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SMS Chatbots: A New Era for the Call Center and CRMs

Nowadays it’s very common to find chatbots everywhere to help with customer service and handle regular questions. The call center industry is rapidly changing to include bots and multichannel support, and it seems that those who can’t adapt to this new reality will surely have their company future compromised by better cost-effective competitors. In this post we are going to explore why using bots in your business makes absolute sense.

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